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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update fails on MacOS based VM

Posted on za 28 oktober 2017 in desktop • Tagged with windows

Yesterday my Windows 10 VM I run on my Macbook took forever to install updates.

Then at some point my macbook (yes the complete macbook) went blank / off without any warning. As the laptop usually warns of low battery charge, I suspect I hit some kinda bug.

This morning when …

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Windows 8 testrit

Posted on ma 10 september 2012 in desktop • Tagged with windows

Met de release van Windows 2012 (Windows 8 server), leek met het moment daar om zowel de desktop als de server variant eens te gaan proberen. Gisterenavond heb ik om te beginnen Windows 8 op een DVD gebrand en de installatie gestart op een afgedankte laptop die hier nog in …

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New vdesk feels a lot like 2002

Posted on wo 05 september 2012 in desktop • Tagged with windows

For a number of reasons I created a virtual desktop at the office. A combination of requirements led me to a windows 2008 server based virtual machine. I try to do most of my admin work using this vdesk, as it saves me time copying files from and to the …

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Commercial software is so tempting

Posted on za 18 maart 2006 in desktop • Tagged with windows

I want to watch MPEGs on my TV. So I took an old computer, added a recent videocard and tried using Linux/MythTV. Sure, I got it working more or less, but the interface was just too slow ..

After that I downloaded an 'evaluation' copy of Microsoft Windows XP media …

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