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Tmlmmj, a proper replacement for ezmlm

Posted on Sat 16 August 2008 in services • Tagged with smtp

Last year I rushed to replace qmail + ezmlm with postfix + mailman. SPAM was killing me and my Scouting friends. Sure, postfix is a wonderful MTA, but mailman is somewhat different if you’re in love with ezmlm.

But now I found mlmmj (mailing list management made joyful) and everything is …

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Bye bye Postfix, hello Qmail

Posted on Fri 21 April 2006 in services • Tagged with smtp, open source

I switched to postfix about a year ago for most of my mail stuff, but have decided to move back to qmail. The Postfix + MySQL combo does work, but I think it is slow and error prone. So back so qmail+vmailmgr it is ;)

Finally getting to the point where …

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