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Prive noodenveloppe bijgewerkt

Posted on di 28 december 2021 in home • Tagged with security

Vandaag heb ik de noodenveloppe voor mijn vrouw bijgewerkt. Deze enveloppe is bedoeld voor situaties waarin ik zelf niet in staat ben zaken te regelen. Om te zorgen dat de kans op falen in zo'n geval zo laag mogelijk blijft, probeer ik het simpel te houden:

  • Een brief met korte …

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OpenSSH server config hardended using

Posted on za 25 december 2021 in servers • Tagged with open source, security

Yesterday I received a short mail from Mischa running OpenBSD.Amsterdam that he had hardened the sshd configuration for the OpenBSD.Amsterdam servers based on test results from the site

Most of my OpenSSH servers are behind restrictive allow lists, but my OpenBSD VM at OpenBSD.Amsterdam is …

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APFS data recovery using Linux

Posted on wo 08 december 2021 in desktop • Tagged with backup, security, hardware

Somebody I know had her Macbook Air crash a long time ago and took that event as a good time to get a newer model. But the data on the laptop was never recovered. Recently she was getting ready to get rid of old stuff and this old MBA turned …

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Using RAM disk to store unencrypted secrets

Posted on vr 03 december 2021 in desktop • Tagged with open source, macos, security

During my day I have secrets that I use a lot. Best example would be the ansible vault password for a particular environment to run a playbook or the password to access a API I use a lot.

On my mac I added a small bit of code to my …

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How I run multiple TLS secured websites using OpenBSD httpd

Posted on zo 24 oktober 2021 in openbsd • Tagged with open source, security, openbsd

I was trying to add another TLS secured website to the openbsd httpd instance hosting this website. Apparently this is possible, but not totally how I expected. The thing is that httpd will happily serve multiple TLS secured websites using the SNI (Server Name Indication) option, but it will only …

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