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Offsite backups using rsync

Posted on ma 02 januari 2006 in services • Tagged with backup, rsync

Linux/Unix has a lot of good software. Some of the tools really stand out for being so very useful. rsync is one of them IMHO.

rsync lets you synchronise two directories by only exchanging the differences between files/directories. local from disk to disk or remote using a special …

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Offsite backups using rsync - intro

Posted on zo 01 januari 2006 in backup • Tagged with open source, rsync

Just finished a small page on my offsite backups using rsync.

Other things worth mentioning: This will not have autogenerated graphical headers, spiffy themeswitchers or a RSS feed. I will try to keep things simple. Because activity will occur on a irregular basis, you can subscribe to the newsletter, which …

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