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Redeploying tor bridges using Terraform and Ansible

Posted on vr 06 mei 2022 in webapps • Tagged with open source, privacy

Torbridges redeployed - more dynamic this time.

Privacy is a human right

Last year the Tor foundation tried to get more people to run Tor bridges. These are entry points for people that are unable to access the tor network via standard means. I deployed a bunch of them and they have been running for months …

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Zorin16Pro best linux desktop I've ever touched!

Posted on za 05 februari 2022 in desktop • Tagged with open source, zorin

It has been just a bit longer then three months ago that I installed Zorin 16 Pro on my Dell XPS. I must say that I am very impressed and pleased with this distro. It is by far the best Linux distribution for the desktop/laptop I have touched in …

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Return to ISPConfig

Posted on za 29 januari 2022 in webapps • Tagged with open source, ispconfig

Many moons ago I needed a simple and free ISP control like tool. Most of the options were either paid or crap. But then there was ISPConfig. Nothing fancy, but it did all the options I would expect, in a nice web interface.

After some time I switched to my …

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Two nextcloud instances as photo/video sharing platforms

Posted on za 08 januari 2022 in webapps • Tagged with open source, nextcloud

Recently I've set up two new Nextcloud instances. Both are used as image/media sharing facility. After some small tests I concluded that Nextcloud was a nice tool to provide a self hosted media library consisting of both photos and videos.

Nextcloud has a decent photo viewer that is snappy …

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2022 not the year of linux on the desktop, but of linux on my desktop

Posted on wo 05 januari 2022 in desktop • Tagged with open source, zorin

Mac Mini running Zorin 16Pro linux larger version

The year of linux on the desktop might never come, but I think 2022 will be the year of linux on my desktop. Ever since switching to Macos (X) in 2005, I've periodically tried to make the switch back to Linux. But there was always something that I …

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