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APFS data recovery using Linux

Posted on wo 08 december 2021 in desktop • Tagged with backup, security, hardware

Somebody I know had her Macbook Air crash a long time ago and took that event as a good time to get a newer model. But the data on the laptop was never recovered. Recently she was getting ready to get rid of old stuff and this old MBA turned …

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Ervaringen Clevo NL51GU met Debian 10

Posted on za 06 juni 2020 in desktop • Tagged with hardware, debian, open source

De afgelopen jaren heb ik al meerdere stappen gedaan / pogingen ondernomen om (weer) Linux op mijn laptop gebruiken. Rond 2005 heb ik de overstap gemaakt naar MacOS, maar de omstandigheden en de markt zijn ondertussen zo veranderd dat ik nu ook weer andere opties zie. Eerst heb ik eerste geprobeerd …

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Gigatron build prep

Posted on di 25 februari 2020 in hacking • Tagged with hardware

With the LEGO build out of the way, now was a good time to check for the prerequisites for the Gigatron build. Somewhere in garage I found a crate with the multimeter and the soldering iron. The multimeter ran out of battery, that was easily fixed with a new 9V …

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Ubuntu 18.04 fan control on a Dell XPS 9570 laptop

Posted on di 19 maart 2019 in desktop • Tagged with open source, ubuntu, hardware

Some weeks ago I bought a Dell XPS 9570 laptop to run Ubuntu Linux 18.04 natively. Installing Ubuntu was done using github project that patches the default Ubuntu iso to match the hardware config of the Dell XPS pretty closely.

R2D2 Dell XPS with stickers

The only minor annoyance was the system fans slightly …

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Upgrading legacy Mac pro 3,1 to MacOS High Sierra success story

Posted on do 25 januari 2018 in desktop • Tagged with apple, hardware

My Mac Pro from before 2010 was happily running MacOS Mavericks I think. There were some minor annoyances, but mostly it was working pretty swell. And a couple of years ago the machine dropped from the supported hardware list of newer MacOS releases like Sierra and High Sierra. So no …

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