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Rebuilding my homelab

Posted on Sat 18 June 2022 in hardware

At this time I have no homelab to speak off. I have lots of parts/stuff, but nothing setup that is ready for use.

Last year I prepped a 1U server to be racked at some hosting facility. But due to unforeseen circumstances that hosting agreement lasted only for some limited time.

So now I have a couple of servers collecting dust here. There are the power concerns, but when I only run one of two servers permanently, it would set me back about 20 euros per month for electricity alone. Not to good, but not to bad either

The plan is to reinstate the proxmox setup, but to move it from the 1U to the 4U server. When running, the 1U server produces quite some noise, so I rather use the big server as it is more silent. The second one will be purely to test drive virtualization setups and will only run from time to time.

That's the current plan anyway. Depending on time and the weather I might actually be able to get started today.

UPDATE 11:39 am

Physical servers are reconfigured and set up. Network in place. So now the software fun can start.

Physical servers - homelab setup