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Personal wordpress site rebuild using Hugo

Posted on Wed 08 June 2022 in personal

The last couple of weeks I took the time to convert our personal webspace to Hugo. Over the last ten years or so we relied in php based solution like Joomla and Wordpress, which worked fine. But I wanted to move to something generated so the content will be available …

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Redeploying tor bridges using Terraform and Ansible

Posted on Fri 06 May 2022 in webapps • Tagged with open source, privacy

Torbridges redeployed - more dynamic this time.

Privacy is a human right

Last year the Tor foundation tried to get more people to run Tor bridges. These are entry points for people that are unable to access the tor network via standard means. I deployed a bunch of them and they have been running for months …

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Toolchain spring cleaning

Posted on Sat 30 April 2022 in desktop • Tagged with apple, linux

Development setups

Since I don't know when I've been using desktop virtualisation to perform all sorts of development and testing work. There was quite some toil, but utilities like virtualbox combined with vagrant made it pretty usable.

I clearly rember working for a client that wanted to do cross AD …

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Zorin16Pro best linux desktop I've ever touched!

Posted on Sat 05 February 2022 in desktop • Tagged with open source, zorin

It has been just a bit longer then three months ago that I installed Zorin 16 Pro on my Dell XPS. I must say that I am very impressed and pleased with this distro. It is by far the best Linux distribution for the desktop/laptop I have touched in …

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Hetzner DNS

Posted on Sat 29 January 2022 in cloud

As a Happy Hetzner customer I've been using their dedicated server and cloud VPS offererings for years. Only recently I started using their free DNS hosting option. Not sure why it is free, but it is and it is nice.

It offers API access to update records which is great …

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