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Downsizing the home network

Posted on Sat 03 September 2022 in hardware

Right now I'm in the proces of drastically simplifying the home network. I've flattened the setup to a single VLAN and cut back the number of always on switches from three to one. The Ubiquiti WIFI setup has proven very reliable over the years, making wired connections for most applications not a hard requirement anymore. I will keep all the spare gear in storage for any new projects that I may feel to urge te start in the future of course. But this makes the setup a lot simpler and will save a bit on the electrical bill in the proces.

As of last week I only have MacOS based laptops for my own use. The Dell XPS was reinstalled with Windows 10 and handed over to one of my sons to allow him to play newer games. The desktop machine he still used just wasn't cutting it anymore and this was a very cheap way to score some 'Awesome dad' points. Not sure if there will ever be a game that will need the 64 GB of RAM that is in the machine though haha :-) But the embedded Nvidia 1050, i7 CPU and nvme storage should be good enough for some time to come.

Both these changes make for more headroom to focus on the new business contract I will be working on full time starting October. The new contract is with a government agency I worked for before that relies heavily on Citrix. So for me anything that is capable of running MS Teams and Citrix client is good enough for the foreseeable future.