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Cutting back on social media

Posted on Sat 03 September 2022 in social media

Just before my summer break I figured it was a good time to cut back on the social media addiction. So I disabled my Instagram and Twitter accounts at the end of july, giving me a 30 day grace period to change my mind.

August has by now come and gone and I was quite content without both social platforms. Not missing the political drama that twitters tends to be and not missing the ad laden social snapshots that instagram delivers. So these accounts are gone for good. I could ofcourse sign up again, but I would have to rebuild my networks from scratch. Not something that is done all that easy.

With my 'systeemkabouter' handle gone on twitter, it seemed a bit odd to hang onto it for this blog. So the blog was moved to the domain, which wasn't used for any web content previously anyway. For now redirects here, but the domain will go as soon as the yearly renewal is due.

FYI I still have my, Linkedin and Facebook accounts, all which I visit rarely at this moment in time.