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Downsizing the home network

Posted on Sat 03 September 2022 in hardware

Right now I'm in the proces of drastically simplifying the home network. I've flattened the setup to a single VLAN and cut back the number of always on switches from three to one. The Ubiquiti WIFI setup has proven very reliable over the years, making wired connections for most applications …

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Rebuilding my homelab

Posted on Sat 18 June 2022 in hardware

At this time I have no homelab to speak off. I have lots of parts/stuff, but nothing setup that is ready for use.

Last year I prepped a 1U server to be racked at some hosting facility. But due to unforeseen circumstances that hosting agreement lasted only for some …

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I need an UPS

Posted on Wed 01 March 2006 in hardware • Tagged with ups

This morning, while I was still in bed, the power to my TV set etc. went up and down a couple of times. And sure, the home server was rebooted as well when I later checked it. So tomorrow I will be sure to buy a second hand UPS.

IT Crowd season 1

Posted on Mon 27 February 2006 in hardware • Tagged with ups

Thanks to a link on I was able to watch the whole first season (6 episodes) of IT Crowd. Maybe not the best sitcom in existance, but a lot better than most of them.

I'm currently trying to move about 10 GB of data from my home to …

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Xen performance problem fixed

Posted on Sun 29 January 2006 in hardware • Tagged with open source

Ever since I started using Xen 3.0 I had a feeling disk access to my primary IDE harddrive was dreadfully slow. But as I'm running 9 domains on this one machine I thought it might be normal for the load I am putting on the system.

During a free …

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